22 List ideas to Create in your Journal
22 List ideas to Create in your Journal

List ideas to Create in your Journal

The list of ideas to create in your journal are endless.
Using a journal is a personal and confidential space for your thoughts, recounts, and reflection only.
A place you can feel at ease with expressing your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviours.

Creating a routine for writing down your feelings and thoughts can help you clear your mind, become self-aware of certain triggers, and a way to better control them. Journaling can also be an outlet for stress and help improve organisation and productivity, and can also help improve your memory.

The following 22 list ideas to create in your journal are just the beginning of what you can record as you journal each day!

1. Gratitude

Have a space in your journal specifically for gratitude to write down all that you are thankful and grateful for and a place to acknowledge people and blessings in your life. When you are feeling a little low, you can read over this list and remind yourself just how blessed your life is.

2. Motivational or Inspirational Quotes

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be to write down an inspirational quote each day that will help inspire or lift your mood can have a positive impact on your day. There are times when we all need to read something to inspire us to do better. You can refer to this list as often as you need to be inspired to keep winning at life.

Gratitude Journal
Daily Gratitude Journal

3. To-Do List

If you have upcoming tasks or events that you need to remember, make a list in your journal. It could be done weekly, daily, or even monthly, and you can mark off the tasks as you complete them. Your to-do list can include work reminders, kids’ school and after schools activities, social events, bill reminders and so much more.

4. Short-Term Goals

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be to thinking about goals is one thing, actually writing them down and setting a time frame to complete them can help drive your determination and focus.
Start your week by journaling about what you want to achieve in the next 5-7 days.
At the end of each week, look back on your short-term weekly goals and evaluate your progress. You may want to extend your short-term goal over a few weeks. Set your timeframe and mark them down with an end date in your journal to keep you accountable.

Reflect at the end of each week and celebrate for the things you accomplish.

5. Long-Term Goals

Think about what things you want to achieve in the next year or so. This also includes a broader outlook about the next five years. Make a list and added them to your long-term goals.
Set a timeframe for these long-term goals. You may need to break these long-term goals into smaller manageable steps.
Tracking your progress is a great way to stay on track and a way to evaluate and assess your progress. It can also help you to see how far you have come.

6. Goals You Have Achieved

It is important to highlight your progress made when it comes to goals. Don’t just make lists about what to achieve. Celebrate your accomplishments! Rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated.

Make sure your rewards are in line with your goals. You can also include how you feel about your accomplishments.

7. Meal Planning and Grocery List

Having a place in your daily journal to help you plan out your meals for the day can be useful in staying organised and can also help with your weight loss goals by ensuring you are eating healthy and nutritious foods.
Writing down a list of grocery items can also be useful to add to during the day and help not forget.

Weekly Meal Planner
Free Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List.

8. Food and Hydration Tracker

When using your journal to record your food intake from your daily meals and snacks can enable you to record the food values including carbs, calories, fats, protein, and water intake, along with exercise including your steps, workout, and fasting times.

9. Tracking Habits

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be journaling your day can help enforce habits and ensure you complete them on time and as required.
Having a journal of entries can help evaluate and identify your strengths, find areas where you can improve, and help you stay on track. It can also help reinforce or create healthier habits.

10. Measurement Tracker

Journaling your weight loss can be a positive step to achieving your goals and outcomes. By recording your progress with either your weight or measurements with your desired schedule and timeframe can help track your progress. Doing this can also help with motivation and help inspire you to keep going when seeing your progress from your starting point.

11. Cleaning Schedule

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be to journal tasks that need to be completed for that day is a useful tool to ensure they are completed and not forgotten. This can also include your cleaning, writing down what needs to be done and what areas will help get it done. Bonus it can help keep you active and burn some extra calories!

12. Self-Care

Think about ways you can destress and take time out for yourself. Schedule a time each day for some self-care time, we all know taking some “me” time always makes us feel better. This can be as simple as a 10-minute coffee on your own or taking a walk along the beach.

13. Favorites Or Must Reads

It’s always enjoyable to create lists of our favorite movies and books or things we would like to watch or read. Creating these lists is easy and can form part of your journaling time. It can also be a reminder to yourself of what brings you joy.

14. Holidays and Destinations

There are so many wonderful places to travel to and discover. Make a list of places for short weekends and longer international destinations in your journal. You can journal about where you would like to travel and discover, what you would pack, what you would do while in a particular city, or why you want to go there.
When you have been to that destination you can use your journal to reflect back on your holiday and journal all about it. You can include things like your favourite memories and even insert a photo for memories.

You can even check out the holiday quiz on Australia.com website to find inspiration for your next holiday destination!

15. Hobbies

Create a list in your journal of activities that you enjoy doing or would like to try.
As you try a new hobby, reflect back on your experience and write down how you felt whilst doing it, something you learned, and the feelings you experienced.

16. Family Time

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be to create a list of activities or special things that can be done as a family. Use your journal to write about each experience once you do them. This will make for memories you’ll never forget and help you feel those special feelings and emotions again.

17. Happy Thoughts

Write down all the things that make you happy. It could be anything from a particular movie or your favorite meal. You can use this entry as a way to find what sparks joy to help brighten your mood.

18. Dealing with the Low Times

Create a journal entry about your personal trigger/s and how to cope with these things when you start to feel a little down.
Reflecting on your happy thoughts entry can help remind you of all the good times had.

19. Favourite Jokes

More list ideas to create in your Journal could be to journaling your favourite jokes are a great place to refer back to when you need a laugh. Include inside jokes you have with certain people, as they are sure to bring back humorous memories.

20. Idea Dump Zone

Having a place within your daily Journal page to write about your ideas can help declutter your mind. It can also help to remember these ideas for the future when you need to use or implement these ideas.

Health Mind Body - Daily Planner
Health Mind Body – Daily Planner

21. Daily Tasks Routine

Create a routine at a time that suits your schedule to journal your tasks for the day. It could be as soon as you wake up with your morning coffee and spend even 10 minutes organising your day. Write an inspirational quote to boost your mood and prepare you for your day. Reflecting back on your day is a great way to see where you are spending your time and if your time can be adjusted in particular areas for improved productivity from your time audit.

22. Daily Reflection

Journaling your day and reflecting can help you manage and gain clarity on your life and the events happening around you. It can also help regulate and manage your emotions and feelings.

Daily reflection can help set up your day for tomorrow and carry across any tasks that are still in progress.


Journaling daily has so many benefits both on your moods and emotions and how you deal with what life throws at you. It can also help inspire and empower you to begin your day in the right way.
Creating lists within your journal is a great way to express yourself and a tool to reflect back on and evaluate.

Have fun, express yourself and set a time each day to journal if you haven’t started already.
I hope you enjoyed our 22 List ideas to Create in your Journal. If you have an idea we missed, let us know!

Amy xx

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