6 Important and Beneficial reasons to use a Journal

The Benefits and Reasons to use a Journal are endless.

Journaling has been referred to as one of the most effective forms of therapy. The best part, it’s free!

Your Wellness, Health, Mind, and Body can benefit immensely from a simple yet complex tool – a Journal.

The many benefits of journaling include,

  • a stress outlet
  • a place to express your emotions and feelings
  • can assist in weight loss and nutrition
  • assist in self-care routines such as mindfulness and gratitude
  • boost mood and mindset
  • help improve organisation, productivity, and routine
  • help improve memory
  • tool for setting and achieving goals along with tracking your process and growth through evaluation

An outlet for Emotions and dealing with Stress

Using a journal is a personal and confidential space for your eyes only.

A place you can feel at ease with expressing your thoughts, emotions feelings, and behaviours.

By creating a routine for writing down your feelings and thoughts can help you clear your mind, and become self-aware of certain triggers and a way to better control them.

Journaling is a great stress management tool.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed instead of bottling them up, write them into your journal and take some pressure off and clear your head. This simple technique can work wonders.

Assist in Weight Loss and Nutrition

Journaling your weight loss journey can help motivation, accountability, and discipline.

There are many useful tools to incorporate into your weight loss journey from:

  • recording in a food log
  • having a meal plan
  • setting up a measurement tracker
  • recording your favourite healthy recipes
  • writing down a positive quote to keep your mind positive

Recording your food intake on a daily basis will enable you to track your food values, hydration, fasting times, and anything you personally want to track.

Tracking your progress will help you to identify your strengths and weakness, areas where improvement is needed, and identify habits both good and bad.

You can find more products here to assist you in your journey. 

Setting Goals and actually Achieving them

Thinking about your goals is one thing, actually writing them down and setting a time frame with a reward for completion is not something many people do.

Motivation and discipline are huge factors in any successful outcome.

By setting periodic goals throughout your journey makes all the difference, driving your determination and focus.

Setting a time frame for your goals will help you stay focused and on track, by setting a deadline and motivating you, and giving you a higher chance of accomplishing them.

Rewarding yourself when you have achieved a goal is a great way to continue a positive mindset and drive your motivation.

For more on goals and how to set them, Forbes has written a helpful article on laying the foundations, additional tricks on making your goals stick, and staying accountable.

Self Care priority and the importance of Journaling - Health Mind Body Australia

Organisation and Productivity

Journaling is a fantastic tool to help you organise your daily agenda by:

  • prioritising
  • breaking down tasks into steps
  • setting time frames
  • creating routines
  • help avoid procrastinating

A daily journal is tailored to your personal lifestyle. You are in control and can add or change to suit your personal needs and outcomes.

A daily journal can include:

  • gratitude – to keep you focused on the positives and drive mindfulness
  • top priorities – enabling you to complete these tasks first
  • thoughts and emotions – a space to write and clear your head
  • birthdays – never forget a birthday again!
  • daily self-care – schedule in some self-care to reinvigorate your health mind and body
  • daily goals – thinking, setting, and achieving daily goals

By recording and reflecting in your journal can also benefit your memory and comprehension and provide self-analysis.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to journaling. It is a judgment-free zone for your eyes only.

Positive Mindset and Mood Booster

Mood plays a huge, huge part in any lifestyle.

Keeping a positive mindset is a daily balance. Having tools to manage your mood is key.

Journaling can help relieve any unwanted negative thoughts and feelings. Journaling can even highlight re-occurrences and help to put a stop to them.

Reflection and evaluation can sometimes help you realise that a particular event, mood, or feeling that happened, wasn’t as bad as it first seemed.

Tracking your mood can also help you to identify any triggers to a certain event, person or habit. You can analyse and evaluate each day of the week by your journal entries.

These can be positive too, identifying your positive moods and implementing them in your week.

Building Self-Confidence

Documenting your daily encounters and practicing self-care and positive behaviours reaffirms your ability that you can achieve what you set out to do.

Focusing on the positives will boost your self-esteem and mindset. Journaling also has the ability to reflect back on your accomplishments time and time again for reinforcement.

Health Mind Body Australia Importance of Journaling

Finding the right method of journaling, whether that be paper-based or digital will be a personal choice and one that feels most comfortable to you.

Setting a routine be that in the morning with your coffee or in the evening before you turn your favourite evening show on will ensure you follow through and help you stay on track.

If you have been wanting to start journaling or your lacking inspiration, you can check out my Health Mind Body Wellness Journal that I have created to help track and manage everyday life and my weight loss and healthy journey.


Amy x

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