Cleaning Tips For Busy Mums
Cleaning Tips For Busy Mums

Cleaning can seem like a never-ending task, especially when kids are involved.

I feel like I am forever picking up after them and vacuuming numerous times a day. 

As busy mums, our schedules are full on with little time left at the end of the day. 

An article on Cleveland Clinic from a recent podcast discusses how cleaning and mental health are linked. It goes on to explain that research shows that cleaning can have an impact on your mental health.

Having a plan can help simplify things and ease the stress somewhat to help fit everything in. 

Below I have created a list of Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums in the hope this may help you to establish a streamlined routine in your busy mum life.

Break the Cleaning into Small Manageable Tasks

Whilst getting all the housework done at once can be great to tick off your schedule, sometimes this is not achievable and can cause unwanted stress. 

I have learned that breaking the cleaning down into small manageable tasks can help achieve daily and weekly cleaning without the added stress and anxiety. 

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Free Cleaning Templates
Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums – Free Cleaning Templates


Use a Cleaning Schedule

Using a cleaning schedule or a list can help you stay on track with the day of the week and the corresponding cleaning tasks for that particular day.

It also means that you can break down each cleaning job into days of the week to help ensure you can get it done with your busy day.

I find that having a routine can streamline the process, once you are used to your routine everything just flows and you find yourself doing the jobs without even trying.

One area at a time

Start one area at a time before moving on to the next. 

Tackling one area at a time can help speed up the cleaning process by staying in one area instead of running from one room to another and back and forth.  


Instead of moving unwanted things from one area to another, if you haven’t used them in a while or the kids have no interest anymore, start a donate pile. 

Take comfort in that some other child will benefit from your donations. Having this mindset will make the decision easier.

This in turn will help free up space and declutter the area. 

Declutter often

Taking the time to go through one room at a time every 6 months or so to declutter does more than you think.

It not only cleans up and makes room in the house, but you also feel great afterward. 

There’s something special about accomplishing tasks, especially around the house. Your mood lifts and you feel great for it.

Walking into a freshly cleaned and organised room, free of clutter is an amazing feeling.  

Create Designated Spaces

Having a spot for each thing is a great way to organise your space.

This is also a great way to not just place and accumulate unwanted junk over time. 

Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums
Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

Get the Kids Involved

Getting the kids involved can make your list a little more manageable by giving the kids small easy jobs they can do.

This also gives them a sense of responsibility. It may even stop them from making the mess in the first place as they know they will have to clean it up!

Start with simple and easy tasks to start off with and as they get older gradually adjust their cleaning tasks.

Things like:

Focus Area

Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums - Vacuuming
Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums – Vacuuming

For me, my main focus when I only have limited time is to ensure:


The main jobs in my kitchen would be clean all dishes and ensure no dishes are in the sink, pack away anything left out on the benches and wipe down the benches.


I ensure that the beds are tidy, no clothes lying around and the toys are back where they belong.


In the bathroom, my list includes, the toilets being disinfected, sinks being wiped down and the soap liquid and toilet paper being topped up.

Lounge Room

The lounge room is the first room you see as you enter my house so I always ensure the coffee table is free of clutter, the rug is neat and the toys are packed away.


Daily I will give the whole house a vacuum to ensure the floor is free of any crumbs.

Once I have done these jobs I can feel a sense of relief and my mood has lifted. If I was to leave it, something inside of me just doesn’t really relax and my mind seems cluttered.

Have you got a cleaning schedule? Or any jobs I have missed that are your go-to daily cleaning that makes you feel accomplished and makes your mood change once completed?

Happy Cleaning!

Amy xx

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