Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner

Get ready to feel better about yourself, including all aspects of your health, mind, and body with this planner with your very own Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner, all the ingredients for health and well-being! 

Healthy Mummy Wellness should be front of mind for every busy mum. 

This Health, Mind, Body 12-week Wellness Journal is a Digital Wellness Journal that helps assist you to take care of your health, mind, and body. 

This digital journal includes nutrition, fitness, weight management, meal planning, daily agenda and so much more to help you stay focused and on track to achieve all the goals and outcomes within the timeframes you set.

I have designed my 12-week Wellness Planner out of my personal experience with my weight loss struggles.  

Managing to lose more than 20kgs, I not only learned how to lose weight naturally, but I have learned so much by journaling daily about my health, mind, and body – hence the name!

Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner – Health, Mind and Body Digital Wellness Journal 

My Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner includes everything from Meal Planning to Recipes to Goal Setting and Evaluating to help you stay fit and healthy.

My Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner is a 12-Week Digital Health, Mind, and Body Wellness Journal that helps you manage and keep track of your health, mind, and body, along with your daily schedule and agenda.

This journal includes nutrition, fitness, weight management, meal planning, daily agenda, and more.

Key Features –

Digital Health Mind Body – Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner

Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner equips you with all the elements to help you on your journey. This digital wellness planner also prompts and assists you in achieving your goals.

Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner
Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner


A study conducted by American Psychological Association on monitoring goal progress promotes goal attainment.

The research suggested that monitoring goal progress is a crucial process between setting and attaining a goal. The study also made mention that monitoring goal progress helps to ensure that goals are translated into action, which is an important step for achieving and succeeding and ultimately completing your goals. 

The study concluded by stating that progress monitoring has a robust effect on goal attainment and constitutes a key component of effective self-regulation.

Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress by monitoring and evaluating should be focused on goal attainment. This then will help to identify discrepancies between your current state.

Once you have identified any areas of improvement this will enable you to recognise when additional controls are needed. 

Tracking your progress helps you identify your strengths while helping to identify areas where improvement may be needed, and also helps you to stay on track. 


Habits are actions and behaviours we perform subconsciously which are hard to break.

Any areas found to need attention must first be identified before you can work on improvements and adjust your behaviour appropriately. 

Over time with effort and evaluation, healthy habits will become second nature. 

Meal Planning 

Meal planning is an important part of any healthy lifestyle and also promotes a sense of mindful eating.

When you incorporate meal planning into your life you are actively insuring that you are preparing healthy meals and ensuring on the days you lack time in cooking you have planned a meal. 

When planning meals ahead of time, organising ingredients, and stocking the fridge and freezer with a healthy variety of foods, you are planning for success.


There are so many things you can do to improve your life and your health. 

One of them is to eat well. If you want to ensure you are eating healthier food, then making sure you have a meal plan in place can help you stay organised.  

Eating right is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. You should try to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain vitamins and minerals that help keep your body strong and healthy. 

Try including fruit and vegetables at each meal.


Scheduling in your workouts and recording them in your Wellness Planner will help ensure you keep up with your fitness routine and health goals.

If you want to get fit, there are many ways to go about it. The first thing you should do is set yourself a goal. 

What would you like to achieve? Do you want to lose weight? Is it to get stronger? Or run faster? 

Whatever your goals are, write them down and then work towards achieving them.

Body Evaluation 

Easily track your starting weight and body measurements with your Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner for your Health, Mind, and Body.

Recording measurements to track gives you the ability to set goals and evaluate your progress.

You will be surprised how much your body changes in just 12-weeks. Taking progress photos and measurements can help to compare your start and finish.

Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule can come in handy when your schedule is busy and you are finding yourself unorganised.

Organise your day including your cleaning schedule with a simple-to-use cleaning schedule with various tasks around the house.

Daily Agenda

A daily routine can help the family tasks run smoothly.

Some days may feel like you cannot achieve everything that is going on.

When you schedule your day, week or month and forecast what you have coming up can help to manage unwanted stress and complete important tasks on time.

A Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner Built for Success

A Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner that:

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Healthy Mummy Wellness Planner – Digital Wellness Journal Shop

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