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Having a positive mindset is crucial to living a good life. Even though we cannot control every single situation in our life, our mental attitude often defines how we view and perceive, and also handle situations.

Whenever you face something difficult and think negatively, it’s just so easy to turn your back and give up. But having a positive mental attitude can change it all.

Learning how to stop having negative thoughts is a skill worth learning.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. Even according to a recent source, around 80% of our thoughts are always negative!

It’s kind of strange but I absolutely true. Negative thoughts can often lead to unpleasant emotions and can also make you have bad behaviors towards others.

Overall, constant negative thoughts can literally take away the happiness from your life.

However, there are luckily some amazing and simple ways that you can follow to stop having these negative thoughts.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the simplest ways that will help you beat those negative thoughts and grow some positive ones.

How to Stop Having Negative Thoughts

1. Save some time daily for those thoughts

Have you ever found yourself thinking about those things that really don’t matter all day long and not actually getting things done? Well, if yes, you can try this strategy.

Save 10-15 minutes daily for these negative thoughts. This time must be really specific and ensure each day you dedicate this time towards those thoughts.

Every time you get a negative thought, write it down and tell yourself that you’ll think about this only in that time dedicated. This way, you are ensuring you don’t take up too much time dwelling on this. The more you practice this, the more routinely this will become, and slowly you’ll start optimising them to resolve them to move on.

2. Start New Habits

Keeping yourself busy with starting new habits is one of the most traditional ways that you’ll find people following to stop having negative thoughts. There is even a proverb in my area that says, “An empty brain is the living place of demons’

Now you might think after keeping yourself busy, when you get back to your normal life again, you might start having those thoughts again. So there is literally no value.

But, you’re wrong! New habits also give you new vibes and new experiences which can be a big advantage to start having positive attitudes. Even engaging in new good habits can change your life faster than you think!

3. Don’t Start your Day with Anything Negative

Though it’s not possible to wake up every morning and feel motivated, after all, a lot of your actions depend on how you’re going to start the day.

If you’re going to start your day scrolling your phone unnecessarily, you’re mostly going to find yourself doing nothing but procrastinating on the other hours too.

If you start your day meeting with toxic people or listening to some bad news, you’re mostly going to have a negative feeling all day long.

That’s why it’s necessary to make sure that you’re not starting your day with any kind of negatives intentionally by any means.

Start with something positive like meditation or praying to god and you’ll be ensured to start your day positively.

4. Make an Effort to Find the Things that you can Love and Appreciate

If you ever feel like there’s nothing interesting in your life, it’s time you start the search. The search for happiness and the things that you can truly appreciate and love.

But, the fact is, you don’t need to be a hunter for this. All you need to do is to start enjoying the little things in life.

Think of the people who love you, think about the beautiful weather, and think about how much you’re trying to stop these negative thoughts.

Appreciate your efforts. Appreciate yourself. And thus, slowly but surely, your life will start making more sense.

5. Focus on Gratitude

Too often we focus on what we don’t have instead of what we do have. If you ever feel like you have nothing to feel good about, think twice.

You have a good family, which many do not. You have good foods to eat whereas many are suffering from hunger. You have a good roof over your head whereas many are staying homeless.

Be thankful for the laughter, good friends, good health, the fresh air, for the sunshine, for the good environment, education, and for literally anything and everything that makes you feel good.

I know these might sound a bit silly but if you remember them daily, in the end, they can make a big difference. So, never forget to practice gratitude!

How To Stop Having Negative Thoughts
How To Stop Having Negative Thoughts

6. Analyze the Negative Thoughts and Replace Them

This part is quite tough. Especially when your brain is constantly being driven to those negative thoughts, it’s not easy to control them.

It requires asking yourself some really tough questions like:

While asking these questions, don’t be harsh on yourself by calling yourself dramatic. You’re just trying to solve the problem and not trying to start a fight with yourself.

Be very specific. Write them down and replace them.

For instance, if your mind says ‘I’m not perfect’, tell yourself that ‘no one is perfect’.

If your mind says, ‘I’m unlucky’ then tell yourself, ‘my time will also come’.

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Abida Islam from True Self Growth

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