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For some of us, if not most of us busy mums feel we don’t get enough time to ourselves or enough time to spend with our friends.

A girls weekend away can be an excellent way to recharge and reconnect with friends.

Below I discuss the importance of a girls weekend away inparticular for us busy mums and the benefits.

What is a Girls Weekend Away?

A girls weekend can provide the time and place for you and your girlfriends to road trip together, unwind, have long meaningful conversations that are hard to have any other time in particular when the kids are around and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself.

We all know how hard it is to complete a sentence without getting interrupted! This is the time to let your hair down and only worry about yourself with no little people to care for.

A girls weekend away can also provide the chance to ditch the daily schedule, the house work and just sit and relax with other mothers.

What are the Benefits of a Girls Weekend Away for Busy Mums?

A girls weekend away is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your girlfriends and take this precious time to destress and unwind.

By taking some time away will enable you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized when you return home and back to the crazy busy lives we all know and love.

There are many benefits to why it is important to take time off from your everyday routine at least once in a while for a girls weekend away.

Some of them include:

Adult Interaction

A girls weekend away gives you the opportunity to interact with your friends and nearest and dearest.

It gives you the chance to talk on a more deep and meaningful level without interruptions and a time to debrief with your emotions on a personal level with other mums.

Importance of a Girls Weekend Away for Busy Mums
Importance of a Girls Weekend Away for Busy Mums


It brings more balance to your life by giving you more time for yourself, which is necessary for all aspects of your mental health.

Self Care

It gives you a reason to do something for yourself and gives yourself some much needed self care time. Usually which gets put to the side because you are usually busy balancing work and family life.

Uninterrupted Sleep

You will sleep better without the kids waking you during the night or hubby snoring next to you.

It has been shown that lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on our health as mentioned on Harvard Medical School which in turn then can contribute to making you feel grumpy, and tired, and can even lead to gaining weight.

Your Mental Health will Benefit from a Girls Weekend Away

Mental health is crucial in today’s world, especially as a busy mum.

You need to ensure you take care of your mental health as well as your physical health. Finding ways to achieve this isn’t always easy.

There are other ways you can support your mental health, not just taking a weekend away with the girls. Self care should be a daily occurrence and factored into your busy schedule to ensure you take the time.

A girls weekend away for busy mums can be both mental and physical therapy. Often overworked, exhausted, and constantly on your toes, benefiting to some well-deserved time to yourself is often well received by both your mind and body.

What’s Involved in a Girls Weekend Away?

The goal of this girls weekend away is an opportunity to be yourself, build self-confidence, get introspective, explore your boundaries and think about things you wouldn’t normally do when you are at home with your kids or spouse.

A girls weekend away is not just about catching up on sleeping and indulging in fabulous food (definitely part of it!), but it’s also about socialising and having deep and meaningful conversations and having a good time. It’s essential for us women to have these activities in our lives as this helps to maintain optimal health and also builds our healthy mindset and makes us feel wonderful inside.

I have a whole article on tips for planning a girls weekend away for busy mums here! You can read more on how to plan your girls weekend away and succeed in making it happen!

Tips for a Girls Weekend away: for Busy Mums
Importance of a Girls Weekend Away for Busy Mums – Tips for a Girls Weekend away

Mum Guilt

Mum guilt is real, and the feeling of not being able to spend enough time with your children or leaving your children overnight can seem daunting, especially for the first time.

A girls weekend away for busy mums can be an effective way of reducing this level of mum guilt. This is because it provides mothers with the opportunity to attend to their emotional needs while they also get quality time away from the hectic responsibilities of motherhood and work commitments.

Trust me, you feel amazing when you arrive back home feeling refreshed and seeing your children’s smiling faces.

This helps both you and your children to appreciate you and all the time and effort you do for them on a daily basis.

A little break from your duties can give you a fresh perspective and can be positive for both your children and husband.

Final Thoughts

A girls weekend away has really gained popularity in recent years and for good reason, as it’s a way for busy mums to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

We all need time to recharge our batteries and do what makes us happy.

A girls weekend away is the perfect excuse to benefit from all these wonderful benefits you get from just one weekend away!

Have you been on a girls weekend away? I would love to know how you felt and the benefits you got from it.

Amy xx

Tips for a Girls Weekend away: for Busy Mums
Tips for a Girls Weekend away: for Busy Mums
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