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The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review – Week 11 & 12

The Final 2 Weeks of the Challenge!

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The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review
The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review

The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review – Week 11 & 12

The final 2 weeks on The Healthy Mummy Challenge! 12 Weeks down and I’m done. 

I will admit these 12 weeks have flown by and so glad I took the challenge. 

I have learned so much from this health and fitness 12 week challenge both mentally and physically. 

I feel so much better, physically, mentally, and emotionally and I have gained so much more energy and learned some new good habits to keep. 

Meal Planning has been a big part of this challenge. I have found that if I was not organised I would fall behind. Having healthy food in the fridge, freezer and pantry meant that I have no temptations and I am ready for when I am hungry. 

When you are prepared with a weekly meal plan you can be assured that you have a healthy meal at the ready. 

The Healthy Mummy Challenge – Setting Goals 

Every week I go through my goals and evaluate them to ensure I am on track and following through to successfully achieve them. The Healthy Mummy Challenge goals that I pledged were to be:

  • Active 3 times a week
  • Create and tone my muscles
  • Lose weight – 1-2 kilos within the 12 week challenge (although weight is not my highest priority, healthy eating was my main goal)
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Adapt healthier lifestyle habits
  • Meal plan and prep each week 

Some weeks on The Healthy Mummy Challenge were harder than others. There are some weeks that almost every night the kids had some sort of after-school activity. This is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. Having the opportunity for the kids to run around and play sports and stay active and to socialise with their mates is great. 

The only downside is that extra planning and organisation had to be done to ensure we all ate healthily. This is where the program really works. 

Having the features to help and guide you with a meal planner and recipes, along with learning the importance of meal prep really made it all come together.  

By Meal Planning and using my Daily Planner and Journal enabled me to plan for the week and take a little pressure off on the busy nights which helps me not become stressed or forget what I need to do during that day.

As I discussed in the preparation for the 12 week Healthy Mummy Challenge , this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Understanding how to incorporate this healthy lifestyle into your day takes time and adjusting to a new routine.


Weekly Meal Prep – Weeks 11 & 12

Every week I start my week off on the Healthy Mummy challenge by planning and organising my weekly meals. Taking an hour on Sunday before the week starts ensures me the time and flexibility to plan my weekly meals and snacks to ensure I stay on track and organised to eat healthier. This also helps reduce temptation!

New to Meal Prepping? You can read more as I really do consider meal prep as a big factor in my healthy lifestyle success.


Week 11 and 12 Meal Prep

  • Lunch Prep

Having lunch prepared for work is a must for me. 

It provides me the opportunity to eat healthily and stick to my goals. It also means that I am not having to buy my lunch which in turn saves me money and also saves time from having to go pick up lunch.  

I can make up to 3 days worth of salads and place them in an air-tight container without the dressing and they last in the fridge. 

The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review - Lunch Prep
The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review – Lunch Prep
  • Breaky Wraps

These delicious protein-packed breaky wraps are made on low-carb wraps which are available at most supermarkets now which is super convenient. 

These can be eaten at any time of the day and are quick and easy to make, and ensure I’m fuller for longer. 

The Healthy Mummy Challenge - Breaky Wrap
The Healthy Mummy Challenge – Breaky Wrap
  • Healthy Sausage Rolls

These Sausage Rolls are a winner at mealtime. Perfect to make ahead and bake when ready. 

Packed full of hidden vegetables to ensure the kids are getting their recommended serving of vegetables per day. 

I love making these not only are they super quick to make but they keep perfectly in the fridge both baked and unbaked. 


The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review - Healthy Sausage Rolls
The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review – Healthy Sausage Rolls
  • Protein Balls

Making healthy snacks as part of my weekly meal prep is vital to helping me make good healthy food choices.  

Finding snacks that are healthy and not containing sugar is really hard to find. That’s why I like to take a little time to meal prep a few snacks and freeze them to make them last.

You can find some of my Healthy Recipes.  here. 


12 Week Challenge Week 9-10: The Healthy Mummy - Protien Balls
The Healthy Mummy Challenge – Protein Balls
  • Smoothie Bowl

I am absolutely obsessed with my smoothie bowls at the moment. 

Especially in summer, blend up ice with protein powder, mix in my favourite fruit and milk and you have the perfect meal or treat. 

The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are packed full of protein and essential amino acids along with vitamins and minerals and make the perfect quick and convenient meal and shake.

The smoothie bowl featured below is the Healthy Biscoff Caramel Smoothie Bowl. Have you tried Biscoff before?? OMG – Yummmm!

The Healthy Mummy Challenge - Smoothie Bowls
The Healthy Mummy Challenge – Smoothie Bowls
The Healthy Mummy Smoothies


Workouts on The Healthy Mummy Challenge  

Whether or not you enjoy working out you can always find an exercise workout you will enjoy. 

As for me, I don’t like the gym. I much prefer a workout from home or a nice walk outside and enjoying some fresh air. 

With The Healthy Mummy app, you have the flexibility of when you work out, for how long, and what activity you want to do. 

There are hundreds to choose from and you have a qualified instructor guiding you through the whole time. 

You can even cast to your tv, get the kids involved, and link your smartwatch



28-Day-Challenge Healthy Mummy
Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge review – Workout program

The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review – Tips 


  • Start slow and make small goals and work your way up to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
  • Try not to be too hard on yourself. Remember we are all human and no one is perfect. 
  • If you are having a bad week, remember – Relax, Regather your thoughts, and most importantly don’t give up.
  • Keep your food and recipes simple especially for mid-week when you’re busy. 
  • Find a support network or a friend to partner up with to help make this journey a little easier.
  • Find an exercise that you find interesting and enjoyable, that way you are more likely to achieve a workout. 
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Aim for at least 2-3 litres a day. 
  • Fit in some self-care to help you stay in control and motivated. 
  • Keep track of your food intake, try and use a food diary or journal. 
  • The scales don’t always tell the truth. Take progress photos and measurements! 
  • Meal planning is so so important to help you stay on track and be organised. 
  • Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. 

If you are thinking of giving The Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge a go, I would definitely recommend it. 

You will become more knowledgeable, learn some good habits to adopt and you will feel so much more healthier, stronger, and happier! Its well worth the challenge!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my recounts and experience on The Healthy Mummy Challenge Review articles and if you have any questions reach out on my socials, would love to hear from you.  

Amy xx

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