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When was the last time you stopped and enjoyed some time with your girlfriends on a girls-only weekend away? 

As busy mums, this is usually far from reality. It may come up in conversation but often never eventuates due to time, kids, work, financial reasons, weekend activities like sports, or the thought of having to get the kids looked after. 

I recently went away and did just that. No kids, no partners, just us ladies for a night away with lots of laughs, great food, and beautiful scenery. 

What I have learned is that there are solutions to solve each and every dilemma that’s holding you back and that all the planning is worth it! 

I have also learned that planning an annual trip is only two days out of 365 days within the year, which is a very tiny portion of our busy lives that can be achieved with planning and scheduling.    

I have listed my tips on how to make your girls weekend away come together a little easier in order to make things happen. I really do think the importance of a girls weekend away for busy mums is worth the effort and the amount of planning.

Planning and Scheduling

It’s obvious as busy mums that our schedules can be crazy busy and sometimes hard to achieve anything extra in our daily schedule let alone a girls weekend away. 

But that doesn’t mean to just give up on the idea. 

By planning and organising well in advance with all involved can make a massive difference. 

There are so many free apps that can act as a conversation platform like Facebook Messenger that everyone can view all the communication written in the group chat and contribute. 

By communicating early gives you all the flexibility to discuss possible dates and eventually agree and lock one in.  

This is the time to check with work and family commitments to help decide on a date that will work easier with your schedule. 

Tips for a Girls Weekend away: for Busy Mums
Tips for a Girls Weekend away: for Busy Mums


Once you have the dates that suit the majority and are locked in, it’s now time to look at the destination, come up with a light itinerary and book a few things if need be. 


One tip here is to factor in the time it will take to travel to and from. 

If traveling by car this will eliminate the need for airfares which will add an extra layer of planning and expense to your weekend. 

Keep in mind if you are planning on driving, who will drive, how long is the round trip, and how many to a car?

Quotes and Booking 

Communication and deciding on the hotel can take some time to all agree and find availability. 

Booking early will help to make this process easier and sometimes cheaper the earlier you book. 

I would suggest picking 2-3 hotels just in case the first one is unavailable for your chosen dates.

Getting prices on a few hotels can also make the decision easier if the price is different or if one hotel is offering inclusive add-ons like breakfast or parking to help with the total costs.

The more that is included the less you have to pay for during your stay.

Arrangements for the Kids

Congratulations, the girls weekend dates have been decided, the hotel has been narrowed down and the travel to and from has also been confirmed.

Now comes the time to confirm arrangements for the kids with hubby or the grandparents now that the girls weekend dates have been locked in. 

Forecasting what the kids may have on that weekend can be a juggle and a guess so far in advance but sometimes with sports and dance etc can have grand finals or dance concerts so knowing this can make for less stress when the time comes to coordinate. 

Work Arrangements

It’s a good idea at the time of deciding on a date to think about work commitments.

When the dates have been agreed on, ensure your annual leave is in at work and approved before any bookings for the weekend have been made to avoid losing any potential deposits.   

Time to Save

Take this lead-up time to save. Putting away $20 or so away each week if the trip is a few months away can help to make it not feel like a massive chunk has been taken out from the family budget all at once.  

Stop the Guilt 

As busy mums, we often feel guilt when we plan something for ourselves. 

Taking a different approach to the whole situation will enable you to get away and enjoy yourself as you should. 

It’s ok for you to enjoy a girls weekend away every now and again. 

Actually, it’s healthy to do so as per Harvard Health as this helps to influence our long-term health in similar ways just like sleep and good eating habits.

Tips for Planning a Girls Weekend Away: for Busy Mums - Delicious Food
Tips for Planning a Girls Weekend Away: for Busy Mums – Delicious Food

Here’s what I took away from having some time on my own. 


There is something about having a whole weekend away that just physically and mentally relaxes you. 

No other thing to worry about but yourself. 

One weekend just for you is something very special and the feeling is amazing.  

Girls Time

A time for friends to catch up, chat, laugh, enjoy yourself and connect. 

As busy mums, the time flies past week to week. Using this time to check in on each other, and catch up on life and what has been happening is essential for our mindset and mental health. 

Mood is Uplifted

Laughter is the best medicine – as they say. 

Taking much-needed time to stop and enjoy the moment can have so many positive benefits on your mood. 

It’s a wonderful feeling to feel the happiest and have a chance to slow down and do anything you choose to do on your time away and avoid burnout from your busy life. 

Great for Mental Health

As the study shows and the research collected on the contribution between social interaction and the benefits received from relationships and connecting with one another, shows just how important it is for your mind and body.

Letting your Hair Down

No kids and no husband equal no responsibilities to look after. 

Let your hair down! Have a drink, allow yourself to sit and relax, read a book, have a sleep in, skip meal prep, and the long list of jobs you would normally have. 

Self Care and Me Time

Taking some much-needed time to unwind and catch up on the years of lost sleep can do wonders!

Remember self care is not selfish and can actually benefit not just you but the whole family from you taking some time to care for your mental and physical health. 

Uninterrupted Time

I don’t know about you but all I usually hear is ‘mum, mum, mum!” 

A girls weekend away to have uninterrupted conversations – Yes, please!  

Time Makes the Heart Fonder

Time away can help the kids and husband realise all that you do for them on a day-to-day basis. 

This in turn helps to appreciate you more for the scarifies you make and the time and effort you put in. 

It may even get the kids to do some things on their own and learn new skills that you might have been doing for them. 

Tips for Planning a Girls Weekend Away: for Busy Mums - Great Scenery
Tips for Planning a Girls Weekend Away: for Busy Mums – Great Scenery

More Than a Mum and Wife

As a wife and mother, we often get lost in the routine of daily habit.

Taking time out for yourself will enable you to experience and learn things that you may not have discovered without experiencing new environments and exposing yourself to new ways you wouldn’t normally do.

The Kids Will Be Fine

The guilt of leaving the kids is real. 

Knowing that the kids will actually enjoy the time apart and create stronger bonds with their dad, grandparents or friends can help ease the guilt. 

Dad is More Than Capable

Dad has got this! 

After all, he is a parent too, and more than capable. 

Allow him to take control and plan the kid’s routine even if it’s just for the weekend. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever is holding you back, I hope reading this article and my tips for planning a Girls Weekend Away has helped to inspire you to get the girls together and start planning your own Girls Weekend!

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Amy xx

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

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