Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Review
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Review

Week 2 of the 12 week challenge on the Healthy Mummy is complete!

A fortnight down, 10 weeks to go.

This week has reinforced what routine I need to keep up with and what foods I need to eat and also cut down on.

I feel good habits are starting to form while I am identifying my bad habits.

Exercise this week hasn’t been my usual 50-minute work but I did use the exercise bike due to the rain and on the weekend I did over an hour of gardening on both days and I could feel how sore my muscles were the next day!

Below is my Healthy Mummy review on what it is like during week 2 of the 12 week challenge and using the Healthy Mummy app.

Preparation for the Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge

I discuss all things preparation here for the 12 week challenge if you want to have a read. 

Meal Prep

Like the week before, each Sunday I take a few hours of the day to meal prep and cut up veggies and fruit to give me a head start.

Thankfully I still had some keto bars that I made in week 1 that I individually wrapped and froze to use during week 2. I will definitely be making a double batch of snacks so that it can last 1-2 weeks to help free up some time.

Each week on the Wednesday prior to the new week, the meal plan is available in the Healthy Mummy App to customise with what you and your family would like to eat during that week. This then generates a shopping list (amazing!) which I then jump on and do my grocery shop usually for pick up, but delivery is super easy if I know I am going to be home to coordinate when the delivery arrives. 

I continue to use my Wellness Journal to document my journey, and how I am feeling and coping to help express and deal with my feelings and emotions. I also use my journal to schedule my day with tasks and other reminders. I find this really helps reduce my stress levels and stay organised and across it all.


I have my goals that I want to achieve within the 12 weeks written down and I revisit them each week to ensure I am on track and if there are any small weekly goals to achieve during each week.

Again like in week 1, I used a few hours to meal prep and get ahead by making meal times a bit quicker in the evenings with some veggies cut, proteins portioned and work lunches prepared.

Week 2 Meal Prep Included:

I love salads and especially for a work lunch as they are easy to prepare and keep for a few days in airtight containers. I just don’t put any dressings on them until the morning of to ensure they last.

I am always trying to use up what I have on hand to minimise wastage and I’m also budget conscious so when I say a Greek salad it’s not always the traditional-looking salad. Sometimes I will chuck in some sun-dried tomato or if I don’t have feta, I’ll use another cheese I have in my fridge.

This one was straight out of the Healthy Mummy App, which was part of my meal plan that I chose.

It was delicious and the cheesecake was baked in a square pan instead of the usual round tin. This was a lot easier to cut and portion.

There were a lot of ingredients including 2 cream cheese blocks and a tub of ricotta cheese which is a lot of extras to order in the grocery shopping but it did go a long way and lasted half the week.

One of my favourite brunch meals to have on the weekend.

I only make my pancakes with almond meal now that I try and eat keto / low carb. Love how this Healthy Mummy recipe incorporates this into their recipe.

This particular recipe called for blueberries but as strawberries are in season and cheap at this time of year and I had some for the Cheesecake I decided to use those on the pancakes instead.

I also made a zucchini and cheese omelette for midmorning, I’m not huge on breakfast as I like to fast with the exception of an almond latte.

This omelette is packed full of protein from the eggs and also incorporates veggies which has the flexibility of whatever you have in the fridge to chuck in. This is a meal that keeps me full and satisfied.

I love to make the meat patties in advance from premium beef mince and portion the meat into patties, so they are ready to fry.

I serve mine on a keto roll which is now becoming available in all supermarkets and more variety popping up everywhere. The salad can be prepared also in advance and taken straight out of the fridge when needed. These are delicious and a quick family favourite.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Meal Prep
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Meal Prep

I love having a smoothie and the Healthy Mummy smoothie range is one of the best tasting without the aftertaste or fake sugar taste.

If I am busy and strapped for time I have a Healthy Mummy Smoothie which is jamb packed with protein and vitamins and minerals and convenient.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Smoothie
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Smoothie


Last week I mentioned I need to get in the habit of wearing my Fitbit to record my total daily steps but I am yet to achieve this 100%, I’m just not a watch wearer but I am trying! A goal and habit to achieve.

I do ensure I have my phone on me which the Samsung Health app records my workout.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 1
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 1

Morning Walk completed – 4.65km with a total of 6,394 steps registered.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 3
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 3

On the days I’m at work I have very little time to fit in a workout so I use the stairs at work to keep my heart rate up and to stay active.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 3
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 3

6.05km with a total of 8,237 steps registered, really happy I managed to stay active through the day.

Week 2 - 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 5
Week 2 – 12 Week Challenge Healthy Mummy Workout Day 5

Friday’s workout was a bike workout due to it raining outside. Also, the magpies are out and starting to swoop which scares me so I was glad to be inside and staying active and achieving my workout goals.

Weekly Tips:

Week 2 on the Healthy Mummy 12 week challenge is done and again the week has flown by.

My Healthy Mummy review will continue to come each week in the hope it will inspire and motivate you to start or continue on your health and fitness journey.

Please reach out if you have any questions on my socials or email. I would love to hear from you.

On to Week 3!

Talk soon.

Amy xx

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