Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums

With a family to look after and numerous daily tasks to complete, it can seem there is little time left in the day for looking after yourself.

Creating healthy habits can sometimes seem impossible to implement and achieve long-term.

But it doesn’t have to be. Implementing a few of the below list of weight loss tips for busy mums can help to simplify and ease the pressure.

Track Your Meals

Tracking your meals can help to identify your food habits and evaluate what you are eating over a period of time.

Evaluating your food intake can help to adjust and change your food to enhance your chance of success by cutting out any food that may be affecting your weight loss.

Improve Your Eating Habits

They say that food is 80% and the other 20% is fitness.

Whether or not this is spot on, we know that making healthy habits that you can stick to is going to set you up with the best chances of succeeding.

Tracking what you are eating will help you to identify your habits both good and bad.

Meal Planning

Meal planning can be more valuable than you think for so many reasons.

It can help you to plan ahead for the week to enable you to schedule your meals, order the ingredients, and prep and or cook some of the meals for the week to help with equipping you with healthy meals.

Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums - Meal Planning
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums – Meal Planning

Make a Shopping List

Once you have planned out your meals for the week, you can then determine what ingredients you will need to cook the meals.

Creating a shopping list and sticking to the listed ingredients can help you to stay on track and not be tempted to pick up any unhealthy and sugary treats. It’s also a positive benefit to the budget.

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Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List
Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List

Healthy Food on Hand

Temptation can be tricky to overcome.

Ensuring you have only healthy foods and snacks around you can help to not be tempted and eat the wrong things.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Sugar is addictive and can be hard to kick the cravings. Eliminating sugar from your diet can be impossible.

Starting out slowly and by cutting all refined sugar from your diet can make a big difference to your health and well-being.

Try and eat only naturally occurring sugar like fruits and honey.

The Freezer is your Friend

Meal Planning and making double batches of your meals to freeze can help with times when you are busy and don’t have time to cook.

This can also limit the temptation of ordering takeaway and eating processed foods due to a lack of time to cook.

Read the label

Reading the label is super important.

There are so many misleading food products claiming to be healthy only to read the label and find the top ingredients of the product unhealthy.

Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums - Food Label
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums – Food Label

Eat as a family

Eating as a family can help to slow down your eating giving your mind and body enough time to process the food you are eating and enough time for you not to overeat.

Eating as a family can also help you to eat the same as you would your children. Giving your children a healthy veggie-packed meal with fresh ingredients is the best meal you can give them.

Remember your Why

Always remember why you decided to start eating healthy and losing weight.

Having something either written, a photo, or a motivational quote to remind you of where you want to go or the goals you want to achieve can help you to stay motivated and on track.

Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Starting your day with a positive outlook can help boost your mood and set you up for a great start to the day.

Using a journal to list things you are grateful for or list daily gratitude can also help to highlight all the positive things you have in your life.

Choose Whole Foods

Whole foods are natural, unprocessed foods. Foods that when you read the label there isn’t a long list of unusual names that you haven’t heard of or cannot be pronounced. Choosing this option of whole foods like fruit, vegetable, legumes, and grains are highly nutritional.

Cook Yourself

By cooking yourself, you can monitor every ingredient you put in your meals.

You have the option to add in more nutritious ingredients and leave out the not-so-good.

Lifestyle not a Diet

This is a pretty important statement to remember.

Having this part of your mindset is going to be key to succeeding and lasting.

Fad diets are not sustainable. Eventually, you are not going to be able to keep up with it.

Getting into the mindset that eating a healthy balanced diet is a lifestyle will help you get into a routine where eating a treat every now and again is ok to do so.

It’s not viable to say that you will never eat anything unhealthy again, by educating yourself with the knowledge of eating healthy and factoring in your macros, and allowing balance will give you flexibility while living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Alternatives

What I have learned is that there is an alternative to almost everything these days.

It’s just a matter of thinking a little differently and making small changes to help make it healthier.

For example, I have made the switch from:

Food Journal 

I use a food journal every day. I incorporate my food journal into my everyday wellness journal and planner.

I have gotten into the routine of using my journal to start my day and end my day.

This helps to plan and schedule tasks and events, birthdays, journal thoughts and emotions, start the day with gratitude, end the day with things to carry over to the next day and ensure I can keep track and manage everyday life without forgetting and becoming overwhelmed.

Digital Wellness Journal Shop Food Log
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums – Digital Wellness Journal Food Log


Keep your water intake up.

Hydration is important for your healthy well-being and for keeping your body in top condition.

Along with tracking your food, it is just as easy to track your water intake.

Make Yourself a Priority

Ensuring that you put yourself first sometimes and make yourself a priority will help to ensure you can succeed at your goals.

Without doing this, you are not able to focus and give yourself the time needed to commit and make a change.

It Takes Time

Nothing happens overnight. Preparing and equipping yourself with this knowledge and mindset will help you to stick to it for the long haul.

Again this is a lifestyle, not a diet. To healthily lose weight it is best to lose the weight slowly and allow your body to adjust to the changes.


Being organised and planning is a big part of a healthy lifestyle.

The more you do it the easier it will get.

The organisation will eventually become second nature as you get into the routine and flow through your day.

Support Network

Ensuring you have a supportive network around you will make this process a lot easier.

Having someone to talk to and someone that understands the challenges and hurdles you are going through can also help to get you through.

Morning Time

Getting up earlier in the morning while the family is still sleeping to exercise and get ready for the day can be an advantage to fitting everything into your day.


As part of your meal prepping, ensure to include snacks.

Making healthy snacks to have on hand will ensure you are eating healthy and staying on track and avoiding temptation.


If some days you cannot fit a workout in, ensure you stay active throughout the day.

Cleaning the house can burn some serious calories without even realising.

Get the Kids Involved

Try and get the kids involved in activities to help keep you and the kids active.

Join them in kicking the ball around, walking to the corner shop, or washing the car together.

I have the Healthy Mummy app that I connect to my tv to cast the workout video. I get the kids involved by joining in. They love it! This also helps to achieve my workout even if the kids are about.

No Gym – No worries

You don’t need a gym to be active.

I have a 10-minute workout plan you can follow that doesn’t require a gym.

I have never been a gym person and hate the thought of traveling to the gym to work out. I much rather go for a walk or stay active around the house.


Write down your goals.

Divide them into timeframes with a date to achieve them by.

This will help keep you motivated and work towards achieving them by a certain time.

Make sure you revisit them often to ensure you are staying accountable.

Mindset Health Mind Body
Weight Loss Tips for Busy Mums – Goals and Mindset

Pack your Lunches

It is easy to ruin your healthy eating streak.

By equipping yourself with the best possible chances of succeeding comes down to being prepared and planning.

Ensuring you pack your lunch can help to not be tempted to order your lunch and eat processed and unhealthy foods. This can also help to keep your budget on track.

Consistency not Perfection

Perfection is not possible.

Consistency is the key.

Progress Photos

Progress photos can sometimes be more accurate over the scales.

Taking photos before and throughout can help you to see the changes and that the hard work you are putting in is paying off.


It’s all about balance.

We are not perfect and we are all here to enjoy our life – food included.

Factoring in your food for the day and ensuring the food you are consuming fits in with your macros will help to keep you within your goals and lose weight.

If you are struggling with managing your weight loss, try these weight loss tips to help. I know as a busy mum this can seem unachievable sometimes but there are some easy solutions to help.

I really hope these Weight Loss Tips have helped to give you some motivation and encouragement to implement in your life.

Amy xx

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