Healthy Smoothie Recipes
Healthy Smoothie Recipes

The Healthy Mummy Smoothie Recipes are a perfect, and delicious way to combine your healthy weight loss journey while enjoying the convenience and nutrition from the Healthy Mummy Smoothie and Shake.

Easy to pick and choose from the smoothie recipes. These are perfect for busy mums looking to lose weight and become The Healthy Mummy you’ve always wanted. Ready in 5 minutes or less!

The Smoothies are made in Australia’s Byron Bay from the highest quality ingredients.
The Healthy Mummy has been awarded by The Health Star Rating system a 5-star rating on a number of Smoothies including the Healthy Mummy Tummy Vanilla smoothie, Premium Smoothies flavours including Espresso, Double Choc, Vanilla, Banana Sundae, Caramel, Choc Mint, and The Pregnancy Smoothie.

The Healthy Mummy Smoothie

• Formulated by leading nutritionists
• An excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and important antioxidants
• Free from any weight loss accelerants, caffeine or gluten and dairy free
• A non-genetically modified product
• Able to help with weight management when used as part of a healthy diet & exercise plan
• Breastfeeding safe and is designed to help to support milk supply
• 96% sugar-free and 100% fructose free
• Low GI & high in fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer and aids digestion
• Quick and easy to prepare and taste delicious

Cookies Cream Smoothie Health Mummy
Cookies and Cream Smoothie

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Healthy Mummy Smoothie Range
Healthy Mummy Smoothie Range