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A Wellness Journal that helps motivate, creates a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, promotes time management, instill the personal and professional positive habits and mindset for long term success, boosts productivity and organisation.


A Wellness Journal that helps motivate, creates a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, promotes time management, instills personal and professional positive habits and mindset for long-term success, and boosts productivity and organisation.

Tracking your progress helps you identify your strengths, find areas where you can improve, and stay on track.

Your mood can play a role in making your new habits stick.

Habits are actions and behaviours we perform subconsciously and are hard to break but over time with effort and evaluation, healthy behaviours will become second nature.

I have designed my 12-week Wellness Planner out of personal experience with my weight loss struggles in my past and I have managed to lose more than 20kgs.

Not only have I lost weight but I have learnt so much by journaling daily about my health, mind, and body – hence the name!



This journal equips you with the tools to help you succeed and includes:

  • Weekly food planner to help with planning the week ahead with all your meals and snacks
  • Grocery list to coincide with your weekly food planner
  • Weekly food log to write in all your food including carbs, calories, fats, protein, water intake, steps, workout and fasting times
  • Food Values to record your favourite food items for easy reference for calorie counting
  • Recipe section for recipes you find along the way
  • Measurement tracker Index- before and after photos can be inserted along with goals and outcomes
  • Measurement tracker – This can be a weekly or monthly recording of results
  • Cleaning schedule for the week, this helps with keeping active!
  • Note pages – Blank pages for all your ideas and notes
  • Digital Sticker pages to incorporate within the digital planner to make it your own and award your self with your victories
  • Wellness providers and contact pages to record all your contacts
  • Important days in a yearly view
  • Weekly overview – this includes your week of events and schedule, important dates and birthdays happening in that week, bills, habits, self-care, reminders, fitness.

If you want to achieve results, having a journal to reflect back on and evaluate your habits – both good and bad will help you reach your goals whether that be for weight loss, health or live a better lifestyle.
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* Digital * Wellness Journal

You will be emailed the Wellness Journal in PDF to instantly download and save straight to your documents to use within a PDF editor Viewer / annotation app like Samsung Android XODO, or Apple Ipad / Iphone on GoodNotes, Keynotes, One Note etc.


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