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Hi, I’m Amy. 

I am passionate and all about empowering and inspiring other people in their healthy lifestyle.

Whether that is for weight loss, general well-being, looking for motivation and accountability or to be part of a healthy community, your in the right place. 

Losing 20+ kilos hasn’t been easy and i understand the setbacks we all face on a day to day basis with our busy lives. 

Ever since high school, I felt like i was battling my weight. 

I started dieting at such a young age. 

I remember walking to the local corner shop with my cousins and they would always get a bag of lollies and I would opt for an ice block – not knowing that this was full of sugar just like the lollies!! (having the knowledge is key, more on that below!) 

I would always yo yo with my weight.

I lost a lot of weight just before meeting my husband, I was 16 at the time and still together today!

But as the comfort stage of the relationship set in I began to stack on the weight again and during my first pregnancy with my son I gained a lot more weight and ended up at my heaviest.

After the first year of being a mum I was fed up with my weight.

During this period of my life i was experiencing excruciating migraines, to the point i was rushed into hospital by my parents for what seemed like a stroke by the symptoms I was experiencing.

Numbness to my left side, my tongue would go numb and i wasn’t able to talk properly, blind flickering dot in my left eye, and then the thumping headache would kick in. 

I would be bed ridden for 2 days and another couple of days after to feel myself again.

It wasn’t until I really started to look after myself with my diet and healthy eating and recording my day, weeks and months that I discovered that chocolate was causing my migraines.

I started to better equip myself with what a healthy diet meant.

Taking the time to start journaling what I was doing on a daily basis including food, exercise, mood, schedule etc that enabled me to reflect on my entries to be able to make a change.

By doing these simple tasks, be it first thing in the morning with my morning coffee or at night once the kids were in bed with a cup of tea or wine gave me that me time and was able to de-stress and take some time to reflect.

I had tried every diet in the past and I can truly say that by taking time for myself with a little refection and journaling helped bring some light and clarity to make a change for good, and that’s when Health Mind Body Wellness Journal was born.

My baby that has been designed by me to best fit in with the goals and outcomes needed to succeed and keep me motivated and accountable.

Be sure to check out the blogs page for more topics and ways to equip yourself for a healthy more balanced lifestyle. 

Core values that I believe in


Mindset is in my opinion is one of the most important qualities to instill in our lives


 A process of becoming stronger and more confident and developing a state of self-empowered to take control of your destiny


A positive trait that aids to your success in life. Having a sense of dedication will ensure difficulties will be overcome until the goal is achieved.


As long as you have the motivation for success, you will always have the drive within you to achieve it.

“ My mission is to help people develop confidence in their daily decisions and guide them to a well-balanced lifestyle ”

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