Going Sugar Free for 30 days is a challenge. Living with Muscular Dystrophy is much harder!

Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy: Sugar Free September
Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy: Sugar Free September

Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy: Sugar Free September is the perfect way to cut out your sugar for the month and perhaps make a good healthy habit out of it. Not only will this help your health and wellbeing but you will be helping children and adults living with this debilitating disease.

What is Muscular Dystrophy (MD)?

Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a lifelong disease with no known cure.

As stated on the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia website. Muscular Dystrophy is a rare, complex, genetic conditions within a wider group of more than 75 conditions collectively referred to as neuromuscular conditions (NMCs).  NMCs Neuromuscular conditions are devastating conditions that weaken and waste the muscles.

Some neuromuscular conditions can be diagnosed at birth, while in others, symptoms do not appear until toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, or adulthood.

Many conditions are equally distributed amongst genders, while some, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy appear mostly in males and others, such as Myasthenia Gravis, occurs twice as often in women.

All neuromuscular conditions result in a complex, progressive profile of disability over the lifetime of the person living with a condition. Each condition has a set of features unique to that diagnosis but they almost always include a severe impact upon the functional capability of the person, caused by:

Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy
Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy

My Sister and her Battle with Muscular Dystrophy

I know sadly firsthand what it is like living with someone who has Muscular Dystrophy. Sadly my sister passed away at the young age of 12.

She was born with this disease, no one knew until she was born and tests were performed.

She was wheelchair-bound and was extremely weak. She could sit up but if lying down she could not get up on her own, she would need help to sit up. She would need assistance for almost everything in her day-to-day life.

She missed out on a lot in her life. She definitely didn’t live a normal life like other children.

She was such a happy girl, even though she went through so much in her short life.

Operation after operation. She would spend weeks at a time in hospital especially during winter as her immune system just wasn’t strong enough to fight off any colds and flu.

But still, she would still have a smile on her face and embrace the life she had. She was one strong little girl.

I truly believe in this cause and hope that one day we will find a cure for this horrible, life-debilitating disease. Seeing what people with Muscular Dystrophy have to go through and also miss out on in life is heartbreaking.

Please donate and help make a difference! www.sugarfreeseptember.org.au/fundraisers/amymelillo

What is the Sugar Free September Challenge?

Sugar Free September Challenge is a fundraising event for the month of September that challenges you to reduce your added sugar intake to help support and raise awareness for children and adults living with Muscular Dystrophy.

As stated on the Sugar Free September website, they ‘love people who challenge themselves and use their strengths to empower and support others. By offering a challenge that promotes a healthy lifestyle, we aim to empower you too.’

Cutting out the Sugar

The Challenge is all about reducing the amount of sugar you consume. Whilst cutting out all sugar is not realistic, the challenge is broken down into main three groups:

Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy: Sugar Free September Challenge
Sugar Free September Challenge


Some alcohol is allowed during the challenge, be sure to choose one that is low in sugar.

Some alcohols that are low in sugar include:


The benefits of challenging yourself to reduce sugar for the month of September have a raft of positive benefits not only helping people with Muscular Dystrophy but improving your health and wellness.

Some benefits include:

How can you Cut Sugar from your Diet?

Low-sugar foods include fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. These foods are packed with nutrients and fibre. Eating these foods will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Ensuring you are eating a variety of these types of food will help to keep you not only healthy but less tempted to opt for sugary foods and processed foods.

Creating a meal plan for the week can help take the stress out of organising and also free up time and have meals ready at the end of a busy day. Meal planning can also ensure that you are eating healthy and not opting for takeaway after a long day with no meal prepared.

Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy - Sugar Free September
Go Sugar Free for Muscular Dystrophy – Sugar Free September

Donate Today

I am so excited to be taking part in this wonderful challenge and help raise much-needed money and support for children and adults living with Muscular Dystrophy.

By donating and showing your support, you are helping to provide vital support services for children and adults living with Muscular Dystrophy to help them reach their potential and take control of their own lives.

If you can, please get involved and donate today and help brighten the lives of these very deserving people.

Your donation goes towards:


Wish me luck on this Sugar free September!

Amy xx

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