13 Simple Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness is important to focus on and maintain in our daily routines. 

Winter can be a time we all fall off the wagon, craving and indulging in hearty comfort meals, skipping the gym to stay in our warm cosy beds, and loading up on hot sugary drinks – (hot choccy or caramel lattes!).


It only takes a few days to give into our cravings and hesitations and before we know it, we are in a slump that we can’t get out of.  


Here are a few Winter Wellness tips to avoid those winter blues and stay on track. 

Staying Motivated and Focused on Positivity

Wintery cold days with less sun and shorter days can all contribute to less motivation and your mood slightly off than in the warmer summer months. 

Try and focus on the positive aspects of winter, snuggling up on the lounge with your family, reading a book by the fire or trying a new winter recipe. 

A positive mind is key to a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

Keep your body Moving

Having a friend or workout partner that can help motivate you to stay active can be one of the best tools to have. Having accountability can help drive and motivate your journey and stay on track.   

Regular exercise has been proven as a wonderfully positive tool to increase your mood, something we all strive for in life is to be happy and healthier! It’s a no-brainer. 

Exercising and keeping our bodies moving can also have benefits in fighting off infection and the dreaded cold and flu.  

Mind on Nutrition

Maintaining our healthy balanced lifestyle can be a challenge during winter as our bodies are craving heavy, hearty warm meals. Staying focused and preparing the weekly meal plan can help to stay on track. Adding winter recipes to the weekly menu that includes a variety of protein, healthy fats, high fibre, vitamins and mineral rich, and variety of fruit and vegetables that resemble the rainbow to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and support the immune system. 


Hydration is another important factor for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Aiming for 2-3 litres a day can be a challenge as the weather is colder and we are less thirsty. Though our body still needs water to function.  You can always try boiled water with sliced lemon to change it up a little.  

Getting Some Sun

We all know Vitamin D is great for our bones. Maintaining the required levels in winter can be challenging especially on those cold rainy days. Taking advantage of the sunny winter days by combining your exercise outside can be one way to achieve this. There’s something about getting fresh air on a morning walk that sets you up for a glorious day and your mood is elevated to another level.  It can do wonders for our physical and mental well-being!  

Foods high in Vitamin D can also be a source to boost your Vitamin D levels.  Increasing your intake of eggs – in particular egg yolk, mushroom, salmon, and tuna can help give you a boost of Vitamin D. There is a huge variety of supplements available at all supermarkets these days that combine all the essentials all in one.     

Looking after our Immune System

To ensure your immune system is in top shape, a healthy lifestyle is one way to ensure this. 

Our immune system protects us from inflammation, germs, viruses, and cell changes that can potentially make us sick. While our immune system is functioning well, we are protected and most times won’t even notice the hard work our immune system is doing in the background. 

Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important element of how our body operates and functions. Getting an adequate 7-8 hours of sleep at night has benefits on your immune system. Sleep also assists in our physical recovery, supports our brain, body, and mood, and can also increase our memory. 

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preventing Cold and Flu

Increasing hygiene in the winter months can help stop the spread of germs. In particular washing our hands frequently, carrying hand sanitiser on us, and covering your mouth and nose with your arm or a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Sharing a drink or toys can be another way for germs to spread. Washing them in warm soapy water to kill any germs is one way to stop the spread from sharing items.   

Skin Care

Colder months, combined with the wind and heating can cause our skin to dry out. Practice a Self-Care routine that includes moisturising your body and face.  

Maintaining Your Daily Schedule

Maintaining your daily schedule will not only keep your stress levels low but keeping on top of your daily activities and to-do list will ensure you are establishing your priorities, tracking your goals, and maintaining your healthy habits.  

Find a way to use a journal or daily planner that fits in with your lifestyle which will increase your productivity and boost your mood. For ideas, you can view our products here.  

Preventing Mould

Less sun combined with more rain, cold temperatures, and condensation in particular on windows can cause mould. This can lead to health problems. 

Increasing ventilation and cleaning the condensation can help reduce mould growing. 

Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement

With the increased use of fires and heater to keep us warm in the winter months it is an important reminder for us all to replace the batteries in our smoke alarms.  

Each year people die from house fires. Most do not have a working smoke alarm. Having a working smoke alarm provides early detection. A working smoke alarm reduces your risk of dying significantly – in half as per the Fire NSW Website

The Winter Blues

The winter blues are a real thing, although it is rare in Australia it has been called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). As mentioned on the Health Direct Website, it is a type of depression that can occur according to the season from changes to the body’s circadian rhythms. If you need to talk to someone, contact your doctor or there is always someone available 24/7 at Beyond Blue


We all know our bodies better than anyone. Listen to your body and if you need to take a break, then do it!

Practicing Self-Care should be part of your daily routine. Ensuring you are taking time for yourself will help with the implementation of the above items above and ideally help us get through the winter season!

As mentioned, focusing on the positives will help our mood, and emotions, be productive and live a healthy balanced lifestyle.   


Amy x

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