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Tips to Know for a Successful 500 Low Calorie Diet

Tips to Know for a Successful 500 Low Calorie Diet

My tips on a successful 500 Low Calorie Diet. My Journey, experience and results whilst on a 500 low calorie diet.  

The diet that started my successful weight loss journey.

The 500 Low Calorie Diet Plan from Weigh Less with Jess has been the most successful diet plan to help me kick start my weight loss journey and help shift my mindset and understanding of how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I had spent years trying to lose weight. I had tried various diets and vigorous exercise routines and nothing would help shift the weight.

It wasn’t until I came across this 500 Low Calorie Diet over 9 years ago and boy, was I blown away with the results!

Below I discuss the program, how it works and the results I personally got from completing the program multiple times over the years.  

I have not be sponsored or paid for my review, its my experience and my journey, and a review that I thought was worthy from the results I got from the 500 Low Calorie Diet. 

What is the Weigh Less with Jess 500 low calorie diet?

Weigh Less with Jess is a diet plan made up of 4 phases combined with a meal plan and Soft Gel Capsules or Drops to be taken whilst on the program to help with fat burning while adhering to a 500 low calorie limit daily. 

What is the purpose of the Diet drops and Soft Gel Capsules?

The Weigh Less with Jess Diet Drops or Soft Gel Capsules assist in resetting your metabolism and works to use up your abnormal fat storage as fuel.

The product stimulate the Hypothalamus gland causing it to release fat stores and suppress appetite, burning up to 2000 of your own bodies calories per day following a low sugar and low starch meal plan.


In your body you have 3 types of fats:


  • Structured fat – which you need and is found around vital organs


  • Reserve fat – used for energy


  • Stored fat – the fat that won’t budge.


This product only accesses the stored fat, no muscle, just fat.


The ingredients in the Drops and Capsules are derived from plants and are all natural and are hormone free and are made in Australia.

The 4 Phase Program

Phase 1 - Loading days

The start of the drops – 3 times a day, 10 minutes before your meals or a capsule once a day.  

This Phase, I like to refer to as the last supper, enjoy the foods you are going to miss the most while on this program.

Eating all kinds of vegetables, meats, dairy, fruits, avocados, and nuts and eating your favourite meals, even enjoying a night out with no cooking and a sneaky drink.

Mentally prepare yourself, eat what you are craving as this will be the last for a few weeks. 

Phase 2 - Introduction of the 500 Low Calorie plan

This phase is where the 500 calorie restriction comes in. The program has been designed especially to fit in with the 500 calorie restriction with an easy to follow meal plan lasting until you have finished the 25 or 50 day plan.

This is where you need to be in the right mindset, you need to be focused and prepared to stick to the plan. Easiest part is the program has been around for years and been achieved successfully by many including me. 

Phase 3 - Maintenance

This is where you can start the introduction of more approved food types.

Phase 3 resets your metabolism at your goal weight so the weight stays off.

You are to continue this phase for the same amount of time you are on phase 2.

This phase sees more of a variety of vegetables, meats and other ingredients into your daily calorie count as you are reaching the completion of the program.

Phase 4 - Returning to 1200 -1500 calories

Once Phase 3 is completed the last phase is returning to your normal 1200 – 1500 calorie a day eating plan.
If you have more weight to lose, you can start another round starting from Phase 1 again with either the Soft Gel Caps or Diet Drops if you have a lot of weight to lose. 

By this stage, I had more of an understanding of what foods to eat to continue my healthier lifestyle, my mindset had shifted for the better along with my confidence and self worth. 

Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List

Attempting a 500 low calorie diet without the plan

When you try to lose weight solely on a low calorie diet, you will first lose normal fat reserves. By that time you usually feel weak and hungry, and that the diet is too hard. Your overwhelmed and feel that it is unachievable and give up.

There is also a high chance that you can lose muscle mass or weight in the wrong places and the fat the body needs around the bones and vital organs depletes.

When using the Weigh Less with Jess program Diet Drops or Soft Gel Caps allow your body to use up your abnormal fat storage as fuel and energy to get you through the day.

The 500 Low Calorie Diet Plan

When you purchase either the 25 day or 50 day plan, you get a meal plan provided that is easy to follow to stay on track. I never felt alone, as there is a Facebook group with thousand of others on the program and staff within the group promptly answering any questions. You are also given Jess’ email address if you need to contact her. 

I am lucky enough to live near Jess’ office so i have met her a few times now when picking up my program and the time and dedication she gives to each customer makes me feel absolutely at ease and positive to achieve this program successfully. Unlike other programs where you buy online and left to fend for yourself.

There are several other products in their store from recipe books to sugar free flavoured drops to put in your foods or even drinks like tea and coffee to help sweeten them which is made from stevia. My fav to name a few are the lemon, strawberry, and caramel flavours for that little sugar craving hit. 

My thoughts and Experience on the Program

I know most people would turn their nose up to a 500 Low Calorie diet but for me, having tried the diet and completing the program multiple times I know it works. I can function normally and have the energy to carry on with my day.

I can honestly say that this diet plan helped me shift the weight when nothing else worked.

I was losing anywhere from 1-2kgs a week. Not only was I losing weight, but my motivation and mindset were also so positive from the weight loss it was empowering and inspiring me to keep going.

In the early days of starting the program I did experience a few headaches as my body was adjusting and entering a detox kind of phase but it only lasted a few days. The same as the cravings, these only lasted a few days too but with the weight loss numbers increasing, cheating on the program wasn’t even tempting me. I was focused and determined more than ever before.

Feeling hungry got easier as the days went by. As your body adjusts to the program and the capsules or drops take affect in the body the less hungry to start to feel. As stated on the Weigh Less with Jess Website that “the formula allows you to survive on 2000 calories per day. Your body is using up this amount of calories so you do not starve. The formula also assists in suppressing your appetite”.

Once I had shifted a lot of my weight, I was more educated on the foods that fuel my body and the lifestyle I should lead to maintain my weight loss.

From finishing the program after a few cycles – I still use the program from time to time to help shift my stubborn fat and the program has adapted so much over the years from a recipe library to over a million subscribers!

I maintain my weight loss mostly by a keto balanced lifestyle and thanks to Weigh Less with Jess I have achieved so much not just in weight loss but how i go about life.

If this is something you are thinking about but are unsure or have health issues please consult with your doctor or a health care professional before starting the program.  

As stated above, I have not been sponsored or paid for this article. It is something I felt was helpful and inspiring for others that haven’t been successful in the past and a program that I have gotten so much out of, I thought I’d share with you all. I hope you have gained some insight and learned some tips to know for a successful 500 Low Calorie Diet, Let me know how you go!

Amy x

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