Throw a Healthy Kids Party

The thought of throwing a kid’s party can put almost every mum and parent off. 

The work and expense that goes into hosting a party for your child can be costly, not to mention stressful and time-consuming. 

Most children love parties for the food, it’s a time when they can eat whatever without the usual restriction. Although afterward, they tend to feel sick from all the sugar and processed foods. 

However, there are ways for kids to still enjoy and love the food you serve but with a healthier twist.

By controlling the amount of sugar you add and choosing healthier alternatives to the recipes and food you serve, you can turn the perfect kids party into a healthy kids party that everyone can love – kids and parents alike.  

Below I have a list to help you with one important element when it comes to planning and organising your children’s parties and celebrations when it comes to food planning. 

Healthy Kids Party Ideas and Tips for planning your next children’s party with a healthier spin. 

Sugar and Associated Health Risks

Sugar has been associated with many health risks as mentioned by Harvard School of Public Health including:

WHO Recommends keeping sugar intake below 10% of your total energy needs, and reducing it to less than 5% for additional health benefits.

Tips for Throwing a Healthy Kids Party

It’s never an easy task to plan and execute a kids party, let alone a healthier version of a party or celebration.

But there are a few tips and suggestions that can help you to implement the perfect healthy kids party that both parents and kids will love and enjoy.

Serve the Healthier Options First

Children tend to be hungriest when they first get to a party.

Instead of serving junk food that is packed full of refined and added sugar, try and serve platters or food that contain natural sugar, and wholesome ingredients first up.

Another tip is to ensure most foods you serve are snack size that is ideal for small hands to grab on the go.

You could serve things like:

Catered Party Venues

Having a birthday party that is catered?

You can still be in control of the foods you serve.

Request their menu to look over in advance. Before you decide on your menu to serve, think of healthier alternatives to choose from. They may not be perfectly healthy but choosing healthier alternatives can still make a difference in the long run.

Think grilled chicken instead of nuggets. Chicken schnitzel can even be healthier in comparison to nuggets as schnitzel is usually prepared fresh in-house and doesn’t usually contain processed ingredients.

Another alternative could be sausage sandwiches over hotdogs. Again sausages are not usually high in processed ingredients as hotdogs are.

A kids party is usually filled with lollies, chips, and other processed sugary treats. Instead, choose veggie platters rather than chips or crisps platters.

Ensure the venue brings out jugs of water, not just the usual sugary sweet drinks. Another idea is to serve water for most of the party and have juice or soft drink for only a small period of time during the party.

I have found most places are accommodating to my requests and even if they don’t have something on the menu, they may be able to suggest some healthier options.

Games and Prizes

What’s a party without games, am I right?

Games like Pass the Parcel or a Pinata are usually packed full of lollies and sugary treats.

Treats, lollies, and chocolates don’t always need to be part of your party games and prizes.

Instead, you could pack them with mini toys, puzzles, pencils, stickers, and stamps as an alternative.

Healthy Kids Party
Healthy Kids Party


Homemade is always the way to go as it allows you to control how you make it, and what ingredients you put in. Cooking also gives you the flexibility to keep it healthier and more nutritious. 

Not only can it be more nutritious it can also be cheaper. Perfect for when you are trying to keep to a budget. 

Healthier Alternatives

The aim and goal of a healthy kids party is to serve healthier alternatives by replacing highly processed ingredients like sugar with naturally occurring ingredients. 

This may seem like a lot of work but with a little careful planning, you can execute the perfect healthy kids party that is delicious, exciting, and fun for both parents and children.

These days there are alternatives to almost everything. Supermarkets have evolved and come a long way in terms of stocking healthier ingredients and more alternatives readily available but making your own treats will also take the win in my opinion as you can control the ingredients you put in to each recipe.

Although time may be limited to make your own party treats, most foods will last a few days. For example, if you are making sausage rolls you can make them a few days ahead and either freeze them until you are ready to bake or store them in the fridge, ready to be placed in the oven the day of.

Some Alternatives can include:

Honey Joys 

Replace sugar with naturally occurring sugar like maple or honey.


Instead of the store brought versions that are deep fried in oil, try making your own with less sugar added and bake them instead.

Sausage Rolls and Party Pies

You could make your own sausage rolls and party pies with good quality mince instead of the usual sausage mince and oily beef cuts that are in store brought.

Muffins, Cakes, and Slices

These popular party treats are usually loaded with added sugars and then topped with more sugar for the icing and sprinkled with more sugary decorations.

Making these yourself and controlling the amount of sugar that goes into the mix can greatly impact the total amount of sugar when it comes to the overall sugar for the day.

Everything adds up and if you can reduce just some of the sugar in the treats over the course of the day, you’ll be helping to ensure the health and well-being benefits that come with reducing the effects of sugar.

Healthy Kids Party Ideas
Healthy Kids Party Ideas

Healthy food ideas:



Finger Foods

DIY Station 

Kids love to learn and be independent. Having things that they can do on their own like serving up their own food and drinks can be a great way to achieve this. 

Why not set up a Do-It-Yourself Station with a theme? 

For example a theme could be:

You could set up a table designated for your Do-It-Yourself theme. Have a range of plates or bowls with tongs of various foods and ingredients to top, spread, or make. 

I love doing this, it’s fun, creative, and entertaining! 

Healthy Kids Party – Final Thoughts

As a parent, we have all been there. When the kids return home from a party where there is free reign on the sweet treats. The minute they return home, they are on a sugar high and you are suddenly having to deal with the aftermath!

Instead, plan a healthy kids party and still have the best time with delicious and healthy foods to all enjoy.

Amy xx

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